Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Bobby Mah
Photo : Bobby Mah

If you can wakesurf comfortably behind the boat, it shouldn’t be too hard to do this trick, although its probably easier on a regular surfboard than a wakesurf board.

First of all, balance up the boat such that the wake is even on both sides the wake. Very often, boats are loaded up only one side for wake surfing.

Next, pump the board to gain speed towards the boat. Once you’re close to the boat, just after the rooster tail of the wake, use your momentum that you have built up on your approach and cut across the wake by leaning across more and keep your knees soft to ride over the ‘bump’. Because you don’t have a rope and handle to assist you, you’re momentum is key. You just have to go for it and not hesitate.

Once you have cross the wake, chances are you will start losing momentum and your board will start drifting back. You will need to quickly get your balance and starting pumping the board to catch up with the wake.

Most people are usually comfortable riding on just one side of the wake only. Its better to hang on with a line first and get comfortable surfing on both sides. Once you’re confident, try without the line.

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