Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : Alan Mak

Jumping from the toeside is a little trickier than on the heelside, because of the awkwardness of your body position. But the principle of how your turn, approach and pop is the same as the heelside wake jump.

One of the key points to remember is to keep your handle tucked in close to your forward hip during the approach. Also, keep your body upright, because there is a tendency to lean too much forward or stick your butt out too much. Its even more important on the toeside jump to maintatin your upper body posture throughout the trick. There is a natural tendency for your shoulders to square up to the boat, so make sure you lock up your upper body right until you land. During the approach, make sure your board is pointing in the direction its travelling. If not, you probably need to roll on to your toeside edge more.

It might also help to release your back hand just before you land to keep your body more in line to the direction its going. Try landing a little more on your toeside edge as well. If you land your heels, you might slip out.

If you are practicing the toeside jump over 1 wake, make sure that after you land, continue to stay on your toeside edge and ride over the second wake. This is because often times beginners are comfortable landing toeside 1 wake jumps on their heels, but when they try to land it over 2 wakes, landing on your heels will make them slip out. So start out with a good habit of landing a little on your toeside edge.

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