Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Alex Bennett-Leat (TS Krypt)
Photo : Alex Bennett-Leat

The best way to execute the Toeside Raley or Krypt is to get a solid edge. To start off your edge you want to bring the handle in close to your leading hip, and then lean over your toes so you’re about 45 degrees angle from the water, and dig your toes into the water. Doing this will build up the tension in the rope. When you feel the tension in the rope, this is when you need to ‘scoop’ or flick the board out of the water. Keeping the handle in tight, and using your lead foot, you want to dig it into the water and kick it forward and away from the handle. This is the equivalent of the heelside scoop, so when you do this, the tension will pull you up and out of the water and bring you into a raley position.

When your at the peak of your toeside raley, and you want to take it to a Toeside Krypt, this is when it becomes very similar to the switch Heelside Raley. You will feel yourself in a familiar position, so all you need to do is pull the handle to your opposite hip from your original leading hip. This will bring you down onto a heelside edge. Just keep the handle in and bend your knees.

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