Toeside Frontside 540

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Andy Huang
Photo : Manabu

For some riders, the TS FS 540 might actually be easier than a TS FS 360. This is because your body is landing squared to the body, which is a little more natural.

To land the TS FS 540, make sure you can land nice big floaty TS FS 180s. Approach the wake as you would on a 180, but make sure you get a good pop. Once off the wake, don’t rush the spin, else it might kill your lift. Make you sure you throw the first 180 normally, but as you come around for th first 180, pull your handle with BOTH hands to your back hip to initiate the remaining spin.

Quickly reach around for the handle pass and pull the handle across and around your front hip in front of you to finish off the last 180 as your back hand reaches around to grab the handle again

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