Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Max Christian
Photo : Terry Goh

Take a fairly easy approach into the wake. You don’t need to cut in hard for this trick, but you want to make sure your posture is relatively tall and you want to make sure you keep the line tension firm through out the trick.

As you reach the wake, don’t let off on your edge. Like the heelside backroll, it is the line tension that helps you with your rotation and letting off your edge too early will kill the line tension.

Ride up the wake tall and a little away from the boat, not direct across the wake (as you would for a 2 wake jump). Riding away helps to maintain the line tension needed for the rotation. However, you don’t want to edge away too much else you will get too stretched out like a TS Raley.

You want to initiate the rotation by keeping both hands on the handle close to your front hip while throwing your head and chest behind you. Remember, make sure you ride up tall and completely up the wake before you do this. Its very common for most TS inverts to initiate the trick too early.

Try to keep both hands on the handle throughout the rotation until you spot the water (which is about 3/4 of the way through). Releasing your back hand from the rotation too early will release the line tension and subsequently kill your rotation. However, if done correctly, this trick can also be executed one-handed off the wake.

After your spot your landing, release your back hand but keep the handle tucked to your front hip like you would on a TS wake jump and get ready to stick your landing.

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