Tips by Max Christian
Video : Kim Yongil
Photo : Bunyalo Lota Jumruang

A Tantrum to Blind is a Tantrum with BS 180. Edge out wide, flatten off and approach the wake with a progressive edge with your knees bent (about 90 degrees). Once at the wake, pop up like regular tantrum.

About halfway through the tantrum, spot your landing and start pulling your lead hand to the small of your back (timing is everything here, if you pull the handle to early or hard, you’ll over rotate; if you pull in the handle too late, you’ll under rotate.

To land the tantrum to blind, land with your knees bent and keep your eyes looking at the shore line in front of you. Also keep in mind that you should have the handle as close to your back for a stable landing.

Tricks to try / land before the Tantrum to Blind

1. Big wake-top-wake Tantrums

2. HS BS 180

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