Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : Guy Tanaka

Surfing the wake (not to be confused with wake surfing, which is another thing altogether) is a simple but cool looking move. Most advance riders still do it at the start of a session as a way of warming up.

To get a fat spray at the wake, come in with one hand with moderate but progressive speed and then really dig in your heels with more weight on your back foot as you change your edge at the bottom of the wake. Carve back out and do an agreesive turn for a fat spray on the outside before heading back towards the wake. You need to be fairly aggresive especially on the edge change, but most importantly you need to feel your board sit deep in the water as you do the edge change, else your board might slip out. Surfing the wake is a great way to practice turning your board as well as your edge control.

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