Surfing Off The Lip

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : David Ngiam

Once you are comfortable surfing the wake, add some style by doing snap turns off the lip of the wake.

Start out by surfing the wake up and down once or twice to build up speed and momentum and then ride up the wake as high as possible. At top, make an aggressive turn by opening up your shoulder towards the boat and at the same time pull the nose of the board with your front foot while kicking out your back foot so that the your board makes a quick turn pointing out to the side. Lean your weight more on your heels and a little over your front foot to get a big spray.

As you ride down the wake, turn your shoulders back towards the wake, stay low and quickly bring the board underneath you as you do a little bottom turn on your toeside edge before you get to far away from the wake.

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