Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Bobby Mah
Photo : Bobby Mah

Surfing backside is when your back is facing the wake. The concept of surfing backside is similar to surfing frontside (see that tip first, if you haven’t read it).

Some people may find surfing backside a little more awkward as it is generally more natural to lean forward when surfing frontside. However, when surfing backside, because your range of motion in your ankles is more limited when edging on your heels, it helps to exaggerate the movement in your upper body to help you make the turns.

To turn up the wake, shift your weight like you would do on the frontside, but open up your shoulder towards the boat more. Remember, where your head and shoulders turn to, your board will follow.

Try surfing with the rope first until you get rhythm dialled in.

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