Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Andy Huang
Photo : Guy Tanaka

The Surface Blind 180 or the Surface Backside (BS) 180 is not a difficult trick but makes for a cool transition, if you are going from a regular trick to a switch trick or vice versa. If you comfortable doing the Power Slide, this trick shouldn’t be too difficult.

Cut out on your heelside edge and just think about forcing the board around while turning your back to the boat. To do this, you need to do a quick edge change from heelside to toeside and using your forward foot to push the board around, releasing the fins. Its important that you look away from the boat and look over your rear shoulder. This will help you with the rotation.

As you turn around, bring your handle into the small of the back, while the other hand reaches for the handle. The hard part of this trick is getting the fins to release off the water, so use smaller fins if you can. Just remember to keep your weight on your toes throughout this trick, especially when doing the handle pass, else you’ll catch a nasty back edge. Hence, make sure you don’t stick your butt out on the handle pass because that will make you go on to your heels.

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