Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Fahkrudin Yasin
Photo : Roger Koa

The dock start on the cable isn’t too difficult, its just a matter of timing. Get ready on the dock and keep an eye on the cable. Don’t lean on the rope as that tends to make the rope snap off the cable (ie. the cable does not catch your rope).

Once the cable catches your rope, wait until you feel the tension in the line and immediately jump up and forward on to the water (like you’re doing a standing broad jump) with your handle close to your hip as much as possible. If you let your hands out, you will get pulled forward to an entertaining faceplant.

Once you hit the water, still keeping your handle in, lean on your back foot away from the direction of travel. This should help you keep your balance. Just hold still and you should ride away easily.

If you’re having trouble with the timing, try jumping in a little earlier, even before you feel the tension in the rope. You’ll probably sink in the water a little more, but just lean away and keep the handle in.

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