Tips by Tatsanai Aye Kuakoonrat
Video : David O’Caoimh
Photo : Kyle Rattray

A Slim Chance is a HS Front Flip with a FS 360. Apart from being able to do a regular Front Flip first, it helps to be able to do a switch Tootsie Roll first as the handle pass is quite similar.

Unlike the Front Flip, you can take an easier middle approach and make sure you stand taller off the wake on the pop. It’s more like a ‘trip flip’ type pop (like Tantrums).

Go for the handle pass as you start your flip and instead of letting your front shoulders go towards to the side like regular Front Flips, let it open up away more from the boat to make the handle pass easier.

Once you’ve made the handle pass successfully, the rope should unwind you naturally for the remaining rotation.

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