Tips by Aidan Bamrah
Video : Nik Lee
Photo : Farnaim Yasin

Cable Wakeskate Dockstart

Before you try this make sure that you have tried a sitting start and that you comfortable on a wakeskate.

Start on something lower to the water and then work your way up.

Hold the handle in your front hand and the side rail of the wakeskate in the other, in the most comfortable spot for you to position it in the air.

You will need to place your back leg (of your normal stance) forward first, then take one step and jump off your front leg. You can also run however this is harder to coordinate and you won’t have as much control over the cable tension. Different from boat because of the lengh of the rope.

When you feel the tension of the cable, let the cable pull you forward while you push upward on your strong leg. The more you load the cable, the more air you will get.

Jump up and bring your feet onto the board by sucking up your knees and keep hold of the board while you are in the air. Don’t just drop or throw the board under your feet. Letting go too early will pull you away from the board.

As you approach the water let go of the board, keeping your body over the board. Remember to keep looking ahead at your landing spot, not down at your feet.

When you hit the water, lean back a little, bend your knees to absorb the landing and ride away.

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