Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Kim Yongil
Photo : Alan Mak

A Re-Entry is when you pop off the wake and land back on the same side of the wake. Its one of those tricks that add extra flavour to your run. You can add grabs and spins as well, and if you want to take a step further, you can even do re-entry inverts.

To do a re-entry, you should be comfortable with ollies and surfing the wake. Its really a combination of the 2. Come in like you are about to surf the wake, but at the bottom of the wake, get ready to pop. The key to this trick is putting a lot of weight on the back foot as you pop. Really scoop off the wake as you ollie up and suck up those knees. You also want to pop backwards a little instead of straight up, else you would just pop across the wake like a 1 wake jump. You also want to do thow this trick one-handed, but don’t let it out too much.

This trick can actually help you understand how to pop off the wake better for regualr wake jumps. For bigger air, try it off a double-up wake.

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