Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : David Ngiam

There are 2 ways to get back to the sweet spot if you find yourself drifting too far back. The most basic way is to shift weight forward over towards the nose of the board as explained in the ‘Catching the Wake’ tip. However, a better way would be pumping the board.

Pumping the board uses your momentum to push the board forward, however rhythm is key. Its almost like you were doing little ollies, but not as aggresive. By shifting your weight to your back foot and then pushing down with your front foot, you’re using your body momentum to push yourself forward.

A better way to pump would actually be able to ride up the wake a little and back down again, in a similar motion. This way you would be using the downward momentum coming down the face of the wake to help you propel forward a little better.

You can’t always pull this off no matter how hard you pump, if you have fallen off too far back or if your board is too small though.

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