Tips by Max Christian
Video : Mark Griffin
Photo : Roger Koa

The Moby Dick is just a Tantrum to Blind with an extra 180. Your set up should be the same as you would on a tantrum to blind, the only difference is the take off.

Once you get to the top of the wake, get your pop off right (practice big wake to wake tantrums). While popping off initiate the moby dick by looking over your back shoulder and passing the handle right away, once you have passed the handle, keep the handle close to your body and this will help speed up the rotation and avoid the nasty front edges.

Towards the end of the rotation, try to get your free hand back onto the handle as this will greatly help your chances at landing and riding away but the is an optional step. The landing is simple, just soften your knees when you land the soften the impact.

Tricks to try / land before the Moby Dick

1. Big wake-top-wake Tantrums

2. HS BS 360

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