Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Chris Yeo
Photo : Kevin Tan

A frontside lipslide is basically riding the board sideways on the lip (top) of the wake. It can also be referred to as a boardslide depending on which side you are approaching the wake from. See the Tricktionary for more detailed description. But for now, if you are approaching the wake on your toeside edge, and kicking the tail of your board over the wake with your chest facing forward, that’s called a Frontside Lipslide.

To do the FS Lipslide, there are 2 ways you can execute it. You can either hop on to the wake or push your board around. Somehow I prefer the first. If you’re better at your surface 180s than your ollie 180s, the second method should be easier.

To hop tne wake, come in with little speed and just do small pop (just enough for your fins to release) and turn the board perpendicular to the lip. Just keep your axis upright, keep your knees bent a little and put your weight on your heels (or curl up your toes, so your board won’t catch an edge).

If you decide not to hop, come in to the wake and as you are on top of it, push your board 90 degrees like how you would do for a surface 180 and put your weight on your heels. This shouldn’t be too difficult because there is not much drag on your fins since they are hanging out of the water on both sides of the wake.

Either way, keep your upper body posture fairly upright and your handle around your hip level throughout the trick to help you maintain balance. Press it out on either foot and poke out the other foot to make this trick look more stylish.

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