Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : Guy Tanaka

The lipslide 180 is a cool looking trick and makes a fluid transition if you are doing a switch trick next. This trick isn’t too hard to learn but its a little deceiving if you’re over-confident about it when attempting it for the first time. Many times I have seen people catch the edge and execute the classic faceplant when attempting it.

Cut it like you would on a normal lipslide. You can either do a small hop on to the wake to release your fins or carve in hard and push your board to a side slide position on top of the wake. Once you are in the lipslide position, don’t rush to come down fakie on your first try. Many times people will rush to do the edge change (from back to front) too quickly before they ride down the wake and they end up catching the front edge. To avoid this, in the lipslide position, turn your board slowly to the fakie until your board is parallel to the wake while leaning away from the boat a little (to ensure that you you don’t catch the edge). When your board is running parallel to the wake it is on neither edge, so from here, focus on riding down the wake on your toe edge, leaning away from the boat little. That’s all to it.

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