Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Argy Daskaloupolos
Photo : Tom

For the Tantrum, its a straight off back flip off the kicker. You need to be familiar with hitting the kicker already and it would help if you had the chance to try doing back flips on the trampoline first to get your air awareness.

For this trick, you don’t have to be super agressive. Just approach it as you would a regular jump. As you ride up the kicker get ready to stand tall and at the top of the kicker, stand really tall and initiate the tantrum by opening up your shoulders and chest and throwing your head back. The key is to lead this trick with your head. Just allow your back to arch and the rest of your body will follow. You should be able to spot your landing very early in this trick, just bring your knees under you and you should be able to land on your board in plenty of time. It also helps to release your your back hand off the handle a little earlier as you ride up the kicker, so that your shoulders are in line with the kicker.

If you’re going for an indy grab, the pop is a little different. Look back the same way, but instead of arching your back, tuck your knees to your chest and go for the grab.

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