Tips by Roger Koa
Video : Joshua Tay
Photo : Joshua Tay

As the name of the trick implies, the Hoochie Glide-to-Krypt (or Hoochie Krypt for short) is but a variation of the “”Hoochie Family””. The manoeuvre is performed exactly like a Hoochie Glide except that the board is turned to the fakie position just prior to landing.

Begin the trick by giving yourself a comfortable setup at about 15-20 ft outside the wake. As with a normal heelside Hoochie, approach the wake with a relatively easier cut than that of an aggressive Air Raley. Apply even weight distribution to the board while edging. The idea is to keep the board under control at all times when you throw the trick. You want to feel the board underneath you as you extend off the wake. As you lift-off, release your front hand and go for the early grab. Ensure that the trailing hand’s elbow is kept bent throughout. This will help make your fakie landing a lot easier.

Once you have reached the peak of the man oeuvre, bring the handle down towards your trailing hip. Do not force the board to turn fakie by pulling on the handle as that will shift all your weight to the heels and cause the board to slip in front of you upon landing. Instead, focus on rocking the weight onto yours toes when the board completes its 180 degrees rotation. Upon landing, face towards the shore to keep your balance.

Lastly, I would definitely advise riders to practise a lot of heelside 180s before attempting this trick so as to avoid unnecessary “”butt-checking””on landing. And especially for guys, you might want to consider wearing a thicker pair of shorts while trying this trick. Cheers!!

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