Heelslide Backroll to Blind

Tips by Tan Kay Tuck
Video : Kim Yongil
Photo : Masayoshi

SET UP – you want a big floaty wake to wake back roll

1) Edge out as far as you normally would for a wake to wake jump.

2) Let the line pull you back in before you start your approach

3) You want to load the line progressively so you have control over the amount of tension you get on the back roll.


1) You really want to make sure you throw the trick up instead of out. So at the top of the wake stand tall (70%) and throw the back roll (30%) ñ you only need enough of a roll to get the board over you and slightly beyond.

2) Allow the board to go up and just before you are totally inverted, pull the handle with both hands towards the small of your back. At the same time look over your back shoulder and go for the handle pass.

3) I can’t stress how much you have to commit to pulling that handle and turning your head. Not only is it crucial to getting the handle, it also starts the 180 blind rotation and allows you some time to spot your landing

4) Once you have the handle keep it snug to your (new) lead hip and get ready to land on your toes to edge away.


A) Can’t get the handle ñ are you pulling with both hands and turning your head? 90% of the time you don’t get the handle is because you didn’t fully turn your head. However, If you are doing that but still can’t get the handle, then you might be going for the handle a little too early. Wait for the board to get almost inverted and then pull. That way the tension is at its least.

B) I get the handle but wipe out ñ turn your head to literally look to the other side and spot the landing. If your board turns 180 blind but your head does anything less (i.e. you end up looking behind you) you will wipe out.

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