Heelside Frontside Slob 180

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : David Ngiam

Once you have got your HS FS 180s dialed in, its time to try a grab with it. Practice a couple of times first grabing the nose of the board without turning to 180. As with all grabs, wait till you get some air first before grabbing the board. Going for the grab too early will cause you to lose your lift.

Once you’re comfortable grabbing slob, try incorporating it into the 180. Do a normal 180 and as you rise up, left up your forward knee to bring the nose closer to you (instead of reaching down). Release your front hand and grab slob. As you are doing this bring the handle to your back hip with your back hand. Keep it close. Once you have turned around 180, spot the landing and bend your knees as you land.

The key is really ensure you get a good pop to grab the 180 and still have time to turn the 180. Do not try to rotate before you go for the grab. Always grab first and the timing will be just right for you to turn the 180.

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