Heelside Frontside 360

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Sasha Christian
Photo : Tan Kay Tuck

This is a trick where you spin a full 360 degrees when you jump the wake. Don’t try this until your good at your heelside 180s.

To do this trick, come in on a seated approach. You don’t have to keep the handle too close to you at first because you need some leverage to pull in the handle after you pop. As you ride up the wake, just before you pop, pull in the handle with BOTH hands towards your back hip. Make sure you get a good solid pop and don’t think about the spin just yet.

If you timed it correctly, and if you pulled in the handle sufficiently, almost at the peak of your jump you can initiate the rotation by pulling the handle towards the small of your back and quickly reaching around for th handle pass. Once you get the handle pass, the line tension should also start unwinding you, but ensure to keep you handle low and close to you, else you might get pulled out on landing.

If you find yourself spinning out of control and slamming on your back, its probably because you are spinning too early. You really need to take the pop straight up first before spinning. By pulling in the handle just before you leave the wake, it actually helps you keep your axis upright. Another moethod is to suck up your knees as you spin to help prevent you from spinning too early (plus it makes the spin looks better as well). Also don’t worry too much about clearing 2 wakes at first, just focus on the pop. If you get a good pop, you should be able to clear both wakes easily. Else practicing over 1 wake isn’t a bad idea to start with as well .

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