Heelside Front Flip

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Bomb Padiwat
Photo : Kim Yong Il

Set up a front flip like you would for a good wake jump. You want to come in on a middle approach and edge progressively towards the wake. The key to this trick is you want to ride through the wake but stand tall through it as well. Alot of poeple will have a tendency to rush through this trick. You should approach and pop off the wake somewhere in between a wake jump and a Raley.

As you ride up the wake, you want to put a more weight on your back foot and as you leave the wake, you want to suck up your front knee to help you initiate your rotation. Because this is an end-over-end type of rotation, you need to crank the rotation a little harder then you would for a backroll. First of all, maintain you handle position and don’t let off you shoulders square off too much to where you came from (otherwise, it will look like a 2-handed tantrum, or rather a Frantrum). As you initiate your rotation, tuck in your head towards your back armpit.

If you initiated your flip correctly, the first half of the trick is all you need to worry about. Keep both hands on the handle and spot your landing.

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