Heelside Backside 360

Tips by Sam Wilks
Video : Max Christian
Photo : Roger Koa

For those who have already got their HS FS 360 dialed in, you may want to start taking it the other way and spinning blind. A blind or backside spin involves your back being shown to the boat on the first 180 where as frontside spins involve your chest opening up to the boat on the first 180.

Take a progressive approach from about fifteen feet outside the wake.

Unlike most spins, the blind 3 allows for a little cheat and you can begin rotation before completley leaving the wake. Just as you starting leave the wake and you know the “pop”is coming start to turn you front shoulder towards the boat.

When you feel the “pop”pull the handle to the small of your back with your front hand and begin to spin blind. Almost like an extreme shifty.

To stay on axis try and keep your eyes on the horizon and reach for the handle with your rear hand.

Once the handle is passed begin to look over your back shoulder and try to think about getting your front hand back onto the handle. This will help you complete the full 360 turn as well as bring your front shoulder around for the landing.

Unlike a FS 360 rotation which is usually very smooth, the blind 360 is kind of like two stages, the first 180 (with the handle pass) a little delay and then the second 180. Also the blind three handle pass has to be alot earlier than a regular three so go for it straight away.

For more style instead of getting your front hand back on the handle reach down for a method grab after the handle pass has been made.

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