Heelside Backroll Mobius

Tips by Tatsanai Aye Kuakoonrat
Video : Massi Piffaretti
Photo : Rusty Malinoski

The HS Backroll Mobius was used to be called just ‘Mobius’. However, because it was one of the first inverts with a 360 rotation, the term ‘Mobius’ or ‘Mobe’ is more commonly known to describe any invert with a 360 rotation (eg. Scarecrow Mobius, or Crow Mobe for short).

Anyway, to do a standard Heelside Backroll Mobius, approach like you would for a Roll to Revert (which you should be able to land before first trying the Mobius). The main difference is opening up your shoulder a little more at the start of the roll to initiate the first 180 a little earlier. This would allow enough time for the second 180. However, don’t spin the second 180 too early which may make you lose control of the rotation. The second 180 should feel like a switch TS BS 180.

Also make sure you don’t over-rotate the Mobius when you land.

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