Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : Max Christian

If you are able to throw backrolls behind the boat consistently, it might be better to try the backroll as your first cable invert, even though the cable Raley is technically easier. Its less intimidating and the familiarity helps.

For the cable backroll, you don’t have to approach as long as the raley, the snap is a little quicker. After you go around the corner, wait for the line to get tight and then edge in with your upper body a little more upright and your handle low with elbows bent. Take a progressive edge and the idea is to almost try to edge away from the direction the cable is travelling.

Once you are edging pass 90 degrees fro the direction of travel, dig in your heels a little more to generate the pull and snap the board up and behind you. At the same time, look over your front shoulder to help you initiate the rotation. Remember, the board is going away from you on the pop. Do not throw your upper body forward, because that will make you lose the line tension that you will need for the backroll.

As you are rotating, it is important to maintain your posture. A common mistake is riders will break at the waist and be in a crouched “C”shape position. When this happens, you lose tension in the line which would otherwise aid in your rotation and hang time. Just try to maintain your posture, look over your shoulder, and keep both hands on the handle while trying to keep it around your waist level (to keep your center of gravity lower).

After you come around, get ready to land. The first couple times, you’ll probably butt-check quite a bit, but you may still be able to ride away. When this happens, its most likely due to you snapping away to early. At your snap point, you should be fairly tall. Remember, just like boat, how you take-off is how you land.

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