Heelside Air Krypt

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Joshua Tay
Photo : Tan Suter

An Air Krypt is an Air Raley to FS 180. Make sure you’re fairly consistent with your regular Raleys first before attempting this trick.

Cut in as you would for your Raley. As you rise up into a Raley position, try not to let your arm stretch out too much. If you have a ‘floaty’ style of raley instead of a ‘snappy’ one, it would make this trick easier to land.

To land krypt, pull the handle in towards your back hip. This will initiate you to turn 180. As you’re coming down, it is important that you look away from the boat and towards the shoreline to keep you axis upright. As you hit the water, push your handle further down your back hip to keep from pulling you out while trying to land on your toe edge to avoid slipping over on your butt.

The key to trick, as scary as it sounds, is not to initiate the 180 too early, else it would likely result in you landing too much on your heel edge causing you to slip out. Its not so bad if you’re first few attempts are like that, at least you are able to get the board underneath you. However, gradually delay your 180s on each attempt until you find the right timing to initiate the 180.

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