Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : Ryan Siow

If you are comfortable riding switch and good with your HS 180s, the Air Krypt isn’t too much harder from the Raley.

The first half of the trick is exactly the same as the Raley. Once you have reached the peak of your extention, you want to pull the handle in like you would for the Raley with both hands.

As your board comes down beneath you, pull the handle to your back hip and square your shoulders towards the shore. Keep the board directly beneath you and land with a little more weight on the toeside edge to prevent yourself from slipping out.

The common problem with this trick is that, people try to turn the 180 too quickly. When this happens, they’ll probably bend at the waist more into a ‘C’ shape and after they land, the board slips out from underneath them. You really want to try to focus on keeping your board directly beneath you as you decend without breaking at the waist too much.

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