Getting Started

Tips by Ong Kian San
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Wake Skating is pretty much like wakeboarding except you don’t have any bindings to attach yourself to the board. If you haven’t got a wakeskate, you can try it out on a regular wakeboard with some traction tape or even surf wax, however, dedicated wake skateboards are generally shorter and many types are made out of wood. with either grip tape or foam traction. Shoes are often used for better traction as well as offer some degree of protection.

To get up on a wakeskate, its pretty much the same as getting up on a wakeboard. The easiest way is to relax your body in the water letting yourself float on your back while you rest your feet on the wakeskate. Once the boat starts to pull you, the wakeskate will get pushed against your feet. After that, its like getting up on a regular wakeboard.


Sometimes trick names for wakeskates can get pretty confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with skateboard tricks, a lot of which wakeskating stems from.

One of the first things to clarify is the difference between backside (BS) and frontside (FS). BS is when you do a trick that starts its rotation at your back or behind you. For instance a BS Ollie 180 is the equivalent to a Blind 180 in wakeboarding terms. BS could also refer to your approach to a trick, like a BS Lipslide where you are approach the lip with your back facing the wake.

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