FS Boardslide / BS Lipslide

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Daniel Grant (BS Lipslide)
Photo : Jeff Langley

A Frontside Boardslide or a Backslide Lipslide is basically a slide where your board is sliding sideways perpendicular to the rail with your back facing the direction of travel. The difference between the 2 is basically in the direction of approach (see Sliding Terminology for more detail).

Approach the rail as you would with any of the other slides. However, unlike the BS Boarslide or FS Lipslide, this slide is a little more tricky because as you turn the board perpendicular to the rail with your back facing the front, you need to keep the handle behind you and peek over your shoulders to see where you are going. Also, as far as possible, keep your shoulders squared off facing the back.

It feels a little awkward at first so a good idea is to start off with a 50-50 and then turning the board sideways as you work out your posture and balance.

It is also important to keep your weight a little over the back edge of the board to prevent yourself from slipping out.

If you are getting pulled out early, try approaching the rail a little more aggressively so that your line stays slack a little longer during your slide without pulling you off prematurely as it tightens up. However, remember to ease off on your edge right before you hit the rail.

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