Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : David Ngiam

Now that you are standing on the board, its time to catch the wake by finding the sweet spot. Hang on to the line first with your hand closest to the boat, if you drift to far back, you can alway pull yourself back into position. To find the sweet spot, you should be able to catch the wave without much effort. If you feel like you’ve caught the sweet spot but can’t sustain it long enough, try putting more weight towards the nose of the board, either by shifting your foot forward, or if its just a little, just bend your front knee and lean over towards the nose of the board. Likewise, if you shooting towards the boat too easily, then position your feet a little further towards the back of the board.

Also remember to keep the nose of the board pointed towards the boat and you do so by keeping your weight leaning over your toes if you are surfing frontside. This is because the board has a natural tendency to edge away from the wake.

Once you’ve caught the sweet spot, toss the line away and see how long you can surf behind the boat. Remember, if you are drifting back too much, lean your weight towards the nose of the board. Shift your weight back and forth if necessary to stay within the sweetspot. Once you are comfortable standing on the wakesurf board without relying on the line, the next step is to learn how to surf the wake.

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