Tips by Tatsanai Aye Kuakoonrat
Video : Bomb Padiwat
Photo : Kim Yong Il

A Batwing is a TS Raley with an Indy Grab. However, the approach is not as aggressive as a normal TS Raley, otherwise, the line tension will be too strong to let your hand off the handle for the grab.

Take a ‘middle’ approach towards the wake. You can start out by trying working on a couple of TS Indy grabs first and increasing your speed with every attempt. Pop with more weight on your front foot and kick up the board in the air to make it easier to go for the grab.

Keep the handle close to your front hip as far as possible. If you let out your handle arm too much, it may become difficult to maintain your axis which may cause you to rotate in the air and fall on our side or back.

Pull the handle down to your front hip to land the trick.

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