Tips by Sam Wilks
Video : Bomb Padiwat
Photo : Zucky

The 911 is an air raley with a 90 degree blind twist, basicalley an inverted shifty. Most people think the 911 is a really advanced trick, but if your landing big raleys consistently, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The key to the 911 is a good load on the line, a tight line allows for a controlled and smooth twist away from the boat and also guarantees getting the board back under your feet (hopefully).

Before going for it, try a few big twisters, looking away from the boat and fully twisting the board.

Edge out wide and begin a regular raley approach into the wake.

Once you hit the wake dig in at it like you would with your regular raley, instead of letting your board extend behind you, immediately bring your knees in and let your front hip twist toward where you just edged in from.

As you do this turn your head over your back shoulder and allow yourself to become inverted. I find trying to look away at my front foot makes my twist good and solid so it doesn’t look like a raley with just a head turn.

To come down turn your head back towards the boat, give a pull down on the handle and try to spot your landing. Good luck!

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