Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Sze Wei
Photo : David Ngiam

If you are consistent with your Air Raleys, the 911 is a fairly easy trick to do. A 911 is basically a look-back shifty Air Raley.

The approach is the same as a regular Air Raley. You may want to keep your handle a little lower on the approach so your arms don’t get stretched out as much after you pop. I also usually put a little more weight on my front foot on my approach, which helps me prevent my Raley from star-gazing.

For the first few times that you attempt the 911, don’t worry about turning the board just yet. Practice looking over your back shoulder first because it may be a little unnerving to look away on a Raley if you’ve never done that before. Once you are confident about turning your head away and trying to spot your own board while inverted, its time to add in the twist.

As you pop up, pull your handle a little to the right (for goofy riders) to help open up your body for the 911. At the same time, twist your board into a 911. If you can’t get the twist, just think about crossing your front foot over your back foot and maybe pulling up your back foot a little.

To land the trick, just pull the handle towards your back hip to get yourselves squared up again for the landing.

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