Wake Foiling : Ollie

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Tan Suter
Photo : Tan Suter

While its possible to do ollies strapless and without a handle, its easier (and more common) to perform this trick strapped in and with a handle.

To execute the ollie, the motion is similar to pumping the board, however, when lifting the nose, you want to be more aggressive to allow the wings to shoot out from the water surface. The more aggressive this move is, the higher will be the pop. Once you are in the air, suck up your front knee first, followed by your back knee to level out the board. If you are riding strapless, you may need to push the weight of your front foot towards the nose of the board at the peak of your ollie to level out the board, the same way you would on a wakeskate or a skateboard.

Once the board is leveled out, be prepared to drop back into the water and try to even out your weight quickly so that the board doesn’t slam too hard on the surface which would otherwise kill your momentum, particularly if you are attempting this move without the handle.

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