Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam (Indy Grab)
Photo : Roger Koa

Cut in as you would on a regular toeside jump but maybe a little more crouched. You don’t need to come in with a lot of speed, but the edge should be progressive. Keep your handle close to your forward hip as you edge in and make you sure you ride all the way up the wake. It is important that you stand tall as you do this. Many people have a tendancy to crouch too far forward on their approach which will make you lean too far forward on their grab.

Once you’re off the wake, pull the board up to you and keep your eyes on the horizon as you go for the grab. This is to keep your body upright and squared to the direction of travel. If you bring your board too far up in front of you, you will land to heavy on your heels and fall backwards. Likewise, if you reach down the board too much for the grab, you’re likely to to head in for a nose dive. Spot the landing, while keeping you handle close to your hip, and try to land flat on the water.

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