Toeside Frontside 360

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Mark Griffin
Photo : Bronson Chan

The TS FS 360 has sort of a blind landing although it is a frontside spin. Most people tend to over rotate this trick into something in between a 360 and 540 and end up slipping out.

The key to this spin is really to break it down into 2 parts. The first part is regular TS FS 180 keeping the handle close to your hip. The second part is like a switch HS blind 180. Make sure you get a good pop on the first 180 and don’t rush to get the handle pass. After you have reached the peak of your jump, that is when you initiate the second 180, keeping the handle close to your hip. If you can land it without a handle pass, it would make the trick look a lot cooler.

Don’t rush the spin, else you might over-rotate to a 540. If you are constantly over-spinning, why not go for a TS 540 instead since it might be easier to ride away from as you shoulders are squared to the boat.

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