Toeside Frontside 180

Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Sasha Christian
Photo : Tan Kay Tuck

Its easier to do the Toeside Frontside 180 because the landing is in a more natural position. In fact, some people find it easier than a 2 wake toeside jump. Don’t think of clearing both wakes the first time round too, just one will do for now.

As you come in toeside, you don’t have to come in with a lot of speed, just enough for you to jump the wake. Make sure you are off the wake first before starting your rotation. To rotate 180, simply bring the handle from your front hip to your back hip and square your shoulders to the boat. Make sure to keep your handle close to your waist as you do this.

To avoid being pulled forward, keep your shoulders up and bend your knees on landing. Make sure you land on your heels. Don’t look down too much at the water during the rotation, and you don’t really have to force the board to spin as well. As long as your shoulder squares up to the boat, your board will follow since it’s a more natural position.

Once you get more comfortable, throw in a grab for more style. But remember not to rush for the grab. Take the trick up first and grab it as you rotate.

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