Toeside Backside 180

Tips by Tan Kay Tuck
Video : Aye Tatsanai
Photo : Phillip Soven

Doing a TS BS 180 is all about momentum. The main difference between a heelside blind and a toeside blind is that you actually get the handle first, and then you spin the 180. The problem most people will face is awareness, as you would be spinning away from the boat. So long as you keep your composure, go for the handle and don’t freak out, you’ll find yourself riding away.

APPROACH: come in as you would a normal for a TS wake to wake jump standing tall. You want to convert you edge into a full 100% pop that will send you straight up, and not across. (What I mean is that you don’t want to come in with too much speed, as you are likely to miss the pop) You also don’t want too much line tension for the spin.

POP: the difference between the TS180 blind and most other flat spin tricks is that you want to spin off the wake i.e.. No delay, just spin. This will start the rotation early, allowing you to go straight for the handle. So as you pop off the wake, scoop your board away from the boat, and give the handle a little tug with BOTH hands. (When you kick off to jump, turn the nose of your board away from the boat at the last minute and this will initiate the move)

SPIN: As with most spins, turn your head to lead your rotation (or you’ll find yourself throwing the rotation with your shoulders, which makes you lose control of the spin)

HANDLE: once you’ve started the rotation, go for the handle. I always suggest visualizing an “L-SHAPE”in your mind when going for the handle on any rotation. Bend BOTH arms an L-shape, to meet in the small of your back. First timers tend to swing the arm out to get the handle. This will delay the pass or even make it impossible to get the handle.

LANDING: Once you get the handle, you will find yourself being unwrapped. If you led the rotation with your head, you’ll be spotting the water right about now. Keep that handle close to your leading hip (which initially was your back hip) as this will stop any chance or over rotating or losing the handle on the landing. Make sure your legs react immediately by softening for the landing (you might concentrate too much on the handle and land with stiff knees) and hunch forward for a smooth heel side fakie landing.

TIP: Do the trick without going for the handle to get the air awareness and the confidence that you’ll make the rotation.

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