The Quad Games Online Wake Championship 2020


The WBA Singapore is launching the first-ever online wake championship in Singapore! There are 4 different disciplines to choose from and participation in 2 or more categories earns you points that give you a chance to be crowned as the Title Champion! Here are the following categories:
1. Mens / Womens Boat Wakeboard
2. Mens / Womens Boat Wakesurf
3. Mens / Womens Cable Wakeboard
4. Mens / Womens Cable Wakeskate


Entry is open to everyone of all ages and nationalities and REGISTRATION IS FREE! The only restriction is that it must be filmed in Singapore and within specific dates.


The date each video is filmed must fall within the Submission Period for each respective category (ie. each competitor’s run must only be performed within the submission period, no earlier). Here is the schedule :


Mens / Womens Cable Wakeboard – 29th Aug to 13th Sep
Mens / Womens Boat Wakesurf – 19th Sep to 4th Oct
Mens / Womens Cable Wakeskate – 10th Oct to 25th Oct
Mens / Womens Boat Wakeboard – 31st Oct to 15th Nov
* Dates are inclusive


After the videos are submitted, a panel of judges will select the top 6 finalists for each category and their videos will be published on our Facebook page for fan votes which will contribute to the overall scoring for the Finals! The online voting period will be announced after the submission period ends for each category.

Quad Games Wake Championship Title

Apart from having individual champions for each category, participation in each category earns a rider points that goes towards the overall title run.

To qualify for the Overall Title Championship, riders must compete in at least 2 categories. The man & woman with the most accumulated points have a chance to be crowned our first Quad Games Title Champion!

For full details on the competition format & rules, go to
To submit your competition entry, go to
Entries can only be submitted during each respective category’s submission period.
For clarifications, please drop us an email at

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