Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Joshua Tay
Photo : Roger Koa

The Tantrum is a when you appraoch heelside, turn your back to the wake and do a backflip.

To do the Tantrum, cut out wide and just crank in towards the wake. You don’t have to worry about coming in on a loaded line for this trick. Just before your hit the wake, let off on your edge and square of your board with your back to the wake. If you time in correctly, the wake would actually kick you off the wake. This technique is called a ‘trip flip’ and it is one the more unusual manouvers that does not require you to approach with a loaded line. Its like rollerskating backwards down a hill and then hitting a curb causing you to trip backwards.

Once you feel yourself pop off the wake, throw your head and shoulders back to lead this trick and the rest of your body will follow. Keep your arms fairly extended for this trick during the rotation like its an extension of the rope, but not too much because you need some ‘give’ in your elbows after you land the trick. The good part of this trick is that you can spot your landing pretty early, so you should have plenty of time to spot the water and prepare yourself for the landing. Just make sure you look straight back on the pop. If you look away too much, you might find yourself landing to blind instead.

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