Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Samuel Ngiam
Photo : Guy Tanaka

Before you start the trick, you may want to use smaller fins on your board. Next, get your boat driver to drop the speed by a quarter of your normal speed. The slower speed makes the water beneath you softer and your fins less grippy, making it easier to turn the board around.

To switch directions, shift your weight over your to your forward foot and turn the board using your heels (particularly on your back foot). This also prevents you from catching your front edge as you turn. Keep your toes curled up as you turn to ensure you have my weight on your heels. Remember to also shift your handle from your front hip to your back hip as you turn. Don’t lean too far back as well else you’ll just slip out. Ensure your upper body remains upright throughout the trick. Once you’ve done a surface 180, hold it there and practice riding switch for a while before turning back around to your natural stance.

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