Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : Phillip Soven

The Suicide is a trick where you completely release the handle in mid-air and then catch it back again on the way down. Its not a difficult trick but its fun to watch. And its not as menacing as its name implies (which comes from freestyle motorcross). The setup for this trick is also similar to that of 360s, so practicing suicides (erm… the trick, not literally) will probably help you with your spins as well.

Cut in to the wake using a seated approach. When you reach the wake, you want to pop straight up. After you have left the wake, pull the handle evenly towards your chest. Don’t pull too hard or sudden, else the handle will spring away once you release it. You release the handle just about the peak of your jump and keep your eye on the handle.

Once you’ve release the handle, for a start, quickly grab it back. I find it easier to grab it with just one hand (usually the front hand). Once you’ve got the handle, keep your chest up and pull the handle towards your hip. This is to prevent you from being pulled forward. Spot your landing and your done! As you get better you can delay grabbing the handle back, or you could even try spinning the handle. If you are able to do a suicide and while your body does a 360 spin, that’s called an Osmosis spin.

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