Setting Up Your Wakeboard

Tips by David Ngiam

About board setup, place your bindings about shoulder width apart, with a slight duck stance (feet pointed slightly away from the perpendicular) in the center of the board. This is a symmetrical setup and it allows you to ride in your regular or switch stance the same way. If your bindings are set up too narrow, it makes your landings less stable as well as increase your chances for knee injuries. If your stance is set up too wide, it just makes it too clumsy to ride and harder to pop off the wake.

If you ride boat, use bigger fins if you are new to wakeboarding to make the board less ‘slippery’, but you’ll want to eventually switch to smaller fins as you get better with your edge control, because smaller fins gives you better release off the wake.

If you ride cable, you can probably do without fins as the speed is generally slower compared to boat and your board sits deeper in the water which allows it to track better. Some parks may not even allow fins as they may damage the wake park features.

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