Tips by David Ngiam
Video : David Ngiam
Photo : Frankie Ng

The Scarecros is a basically a TS Frontroll to FS 180. This is one of those tricks that uses a ‘trip flip’ technique, like a tantrum.

Unlike most other inverts you don’t really have to come in on this trick with a loaded line. Just make sure you cut out wide and cut in fast (not hard) towards the wake. The key to this trick is really riding up tall at the wake while you ease off your edge at the bottom of the wake. This sudden easing off the edge is what creats the trip flip.

As you pop off the wake, initiate the rotation by tucking your head forward and under the handle like you would for a frontroll while keeping your handle low while gradually pulling the handle towards the center of your body. Bring your back shoulder forward towards the boat and land square to the boat.

The key to this trick is really riding up tall at the wake by letting the nose of the board ride up high even before you start the invert. Also. don’t think about throwing yourself across the wake. You really need to take this trick upwards at the wake, your approach momentum will be more than enough to take you across the wake, so you don’t have to worrk about that. If you are having trouble with the rotation, try going for a method grab as you throw your scarecrow. Even if you don’t manage to grab it, the action will help you keep you balled up and at the same time open up your upper body to rotate the last 180.

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