Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Fahkrudin Yasin
Photo : Brett Eisenhauer

A Transfer is similar to gapping rails. The difference is that for Transfers, you pop from one rail to a different rail at the same level or higher and usually on a different line.

The approach and pop is pretty much the same as gapping rails, however, its important to get your line right since the second rail is usually on a different line.

Focus also on sucking up your knees as you pop up to allow you to get a little more hang time (plus it looks better). This is particularly important for Transfers to avoid clipping on the side of the second rail.

If you are attempting a transfer on a typical Funbox for the first time, it might be a good idea to try to gap over the second rail and land in the water on your first attempt. This way, you will get a better sense of how much angle you need to reduce in order to land square on the second rail. Its better to overshoot the second rail, because if you don’t get over the second rail enough, you will probably end up clipping it or worst still crashing into it.

Just like rail gaps, as you get more confident, try different spin variations as you transfer.

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