Tips by David Ngiam
Photo : Riding Gear

LIFE VEST aka Personal Floating Device (PFD) : Get a fitting life vest. You may see some people ride without them, and you might think its cool, but you’ll only live once. You can get really nasty crashes when you ride, and with a vest, not only does it make the fall less painful, it can save you from drowning as well. US Coast Guard Approved (USCGA) vests will ensure you’ll stay afloat if worn properly. There are also thinner ‘competition’ vests which are less bulky, but some of them can barely keep you afloat. Use those at your own risk and use it when you know someone is keeping an eye on you at all times when you ride.

HELMET : Where a helmet if you are hitting obstacles. Some helmet comes with ear covers which can help prevent you from busting your ear drums on a bad fall.

GLOVES : If your palm starts to get sore, get yourself a pair of ski gloves to avoid blisters. Especially if you ride at a cable park often where wooden handles are common used.

ROPE & HANDLE : See the section on ropes and handles for more details.

BOAT : Well, if you can afford one. Sometimes you can have loads of fun even behind a jetski.

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