Ollie Frontside 180

Tips by Ong Kian San
Video : Freddie Grove
Photo : Ryan Lee

Either in the flats or off the lip, the rotation of the ollie 180 only starts after you pop the board out of the water. It helps to consciously hold the handle with the back hand and pull it in slightly toward your back hip, letting of your front hand, to start the rotation.

Use your back heel to push the board forward, keeping your toes pointed up, and then land on your toes as the board and you complete the 180 rotation. It helps also to consciously lean over your toe a little as you land to make sure you don?t slip out on your heel.

For more style, you could even just hold on with the back hand and have your front hand just dangling over the handle in front of you. Swing it over slowly across the handle, ollie, and let the pull of the rope and momentum of your arm rotate you around.

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