Tips by David Ngiam
Video : Aum Thanatorn
Photo : Max Christian

Take a moderately easy seated approach towards the kicker. As you are riding up the kicker, you can actually start pulling the handle towards your hip, without actually spinning your board yet. This is such that after you get a good pop off the kicker (like the kind you would do a grab with), you can inititate your spin and the handle is already close to you, making the handle pass easier. Just remember the spin is initiated only after your leave the kicker. If you are still having trouble getting the handle pass, try coming in with your arms slightly more extended. This gives you more leverage to pull in the handle as you ride up the kicker.

Some people pull in the handle only after they leave the kicker, which is entire possible, particularly so for TS FS spins. However, if you find that your axis goes all over the place, then pulling the handle as you ride up the kicker might help.

The other tip that might help is that instead of riding up the kicker straight off its centerline (or worst, out and away), you can actually cheat a little by riding up the kicker aiming for the top inner corner of the kicker. This helps to reduce the tension on the line after you pop, making the handle pass a little easier.

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